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Virtually every sphere of business is regulated by either primary or subsidiary legislation. It is essential to be abreast of this in order to position your business to take account of it.

Of course, many businesses have links to organisations which monitor in a general way existing and forthcoming legislation in their sector. However, the practicalities of the market place mean that a business requires more detailed and specific advice.

We can provide that, particularly by monitoring the content and progress of draft legislation that is in the course of being enacted. During its enactment we can provide you with advice on the implications for your business.
Even once it is enacted, the lead-time for legislation coming into force may vary from up to a couple of years (for example, EU directives) to a matter of days (for example, UK regulations). We can also use this lead-time to provide you with the responsive advice that you will need.

We have immediate electronic access to the text and progress of EU regulations and directives, primary and subsidiary legislation of the UK Parliament and of the parliaments in Scotland and Wales, together with primary legislation in most other jurisdictions in the world. We also have immediate electronic access to case law interpreting existing legislation in the UK and existing EU legislation

The Consultancy monitors EU legislation and legislation in the UK, and its interpretation, on a routine and continuing basis.

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